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Femi.Eko menstrual disc
Femi.Eko menstrual disc

Femi.Eko menstrual disc

Femi.Eko menstrual disc
Femi.Eko menstrual disc
Menstrual disc description:
– Safe – 100% medical grade silicone
– Leak-proof double rim
– Reusable up to 5 years
– Up to 12 hours non-stop protection
– Reusable cup you can use during sex
– Flat-fit for absolute comfort & mess-free period sex
– Covers light to heavier flow
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1. 12 HOURS OF PROTECTION: Menstrual cup can save your time and avoid the inconvenience of changing your tampon or pad every few hours.
2. LEAK PROOF: Keep your underwear and clothes free from leaks and stains. Soft design conforms to your body, providing leak prevention.
3. EASY TO USE: The period cup intuitive design makes it easy for you to fold, insert, and remove. The smart choice for young teens to adult women, light or heavy flow.
4. SAFE MATERIAL: Made from soft silicone, our reusable period cups are phthalate, latex, and BPA free.
5. SAVE MONEY, ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Unlike wasteful napkins and tampons, our resuable menstrual cups are sustainable and cost-effective, easy to clean, our premium menstrual cups also come with a cute storage pouch.
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