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Our mission

Welcome to Timo design unique zero waste and health care webshop!

In this post you can read about the Timo design zero waste brand, and what products you can find in the webshop.

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Well, come the introducing the Timo design zero waste brand!


About the brand

Tünde Major-Megyeri is founder (in 2015), designer and owner of the Timo design zero waste brand. She is a mom with two kids. She cares about the health and future of all our children. It is important to minimize the household waste.




Why important is what we do?

So think, how many nappies, wipes, paper handkerchiefs do you throw in the rubbish bin every day?

How many disposable sanitary napkins do you use per month? Because of this, how many times do you need to empty the dustbin? What's more, we are constantly poisoning our only Earth and soon we will be covered by waste.

We make and offer unique, hand-made, high quality recycable and reusable products, like cloth pads, period panties, cloth diapers, diaper covers, cotton napkins, textile handkerchiefs, reusable sandwich packaging, cotton shopping bags etc. Each product is made of eco-friendly and high quality Oeko-Tex standard or GOTS certified textiles.


Where did the idea come from, to make zero waste products?

Tünde likes to draw and paint. Her original plan was to continue her studies at the College of Fine Art, but finally she decided to be a student at the Medical University of Debrecen and graduated as a medical laboratory analyst. She worked as microbiologist and researcher. Healthy lifestyle is important to her.

When Tünde was pregnant, she first became aware of cloth diapers via the internet. She started using them, after her son was born, but he was a big baby, so most diaper covers were too small for him. That's why Tünde started to design and sew unique cloth diapers for him. She still had her old desire to design unique products, not only cloth diapers, but also other zero waste products (mainly cloth pads and period panties). Tünde's brand, Timo design was born in 2015. She did a stylist course a few years ago and in her work she use what she studied on then: material knowledge, colour theory, matching colour combinations, creating collections and fashion trends.