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Washing instructions

How to wash and care for your menstrual cloth pads and period panties correctly?

Menstrual cloth pads and period panties should be washed once before first use.

Most important is the correct washing liquid and method for your cloth pads and period panties:

  • LESS than 5% of soap in the washing agent
  • Safe temperatures for washing 40°C
  • Use sun’s rays to remove stubborn stains if gall soap doesn’t remove them.

NO bleach, enzymes, fabric softener or vinegar

Now is an excellent time to check your washing liquid. Does your washing agent have soap over 5%, bleach, fabric softeners or enzymes? Cloth pads and period panties will eventually lose their suction ability if washing agent contains any of the above.

Bleach will ruin the leak-proof layer that is responsible for the waterproofness of the outer layer in these menstrual cloth pads. Bleach may also leave a trace of chemicals that you wouldn’t want to have next to your skin.

Enzymes damage textile fibers (cellulose, biocotton, cotton, modal).

Fabric softener coats the fabric itself to make it soft but this coating also will repel liquids, NOT what you want your pads and panties to do.  It cause the fibers inside of the menstrual cloth pads to clog, again the chemicals might not be good for you and might cause some itching for those with sensitive skin.

Vinegar is to be avoided too, as just like bleach, it can also break down fibres and shorten your pad’s lifespan.

Washing cloth pads and period panties is not a big deal.

For gently used pads, panty liners and panties, just toss them in with your regular laundry; no pre-rinse is necessary.

For really soaked pads and period panties, or to avoid staining: pre-rinse in cold water to remove as much blood as possible; then add to your regular laundry.

Cleaning tips: 

Tip #1 - Use gall or laundry (stain remover) soap for pre-treatment of stains

Make up a concentrated pre-rinse solution with water + a small amount of gall or laundry soap of choice to remove as much blood as possible before washing. Immediate cold water pre-rinsing helps.

Tip #2 - Don't soak them!

That's right, many people assume that because blood is involved that stains will be difficult to fight and that soaking is one more step you need to add to your laundry routine.  Wrong!  Soaking is highly discouraged and completely unnecessary.  Soaking can be hard on the fabric and if left for more than a day can start to smell.  Our best advice is to take off a used pad, toss it in a wet bag until you are ready to wash them.

Tip #3 - NO dryer and iron!

When your machine has finished the washing of your pads and panties, you shouldn’t tumble-dry them. Tumble drying and ironing destroy slowly the leak-proof layer of the menstrual cloth pads and period underwears.

Drying is best done by hanging these outside, line drying is the best option. When they are completely dry, you can fold them into nice squares, so that you can take them with you quickly. The square-folding method is also a great way to store these neatly between cycles.

Tip #4 - Sun and solar (UV) radiation is the best stain remover.

If there are any stains left, try to face those stains towards the sun. Sun is efficient in fading those stubborn stains.