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Organic cotton soap bag

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Organic cotton soap bag
  • Organic cotton soap bag
Natural cotton soap pouch.
This little accessory is a perfect cosy home for your natural soap bar. It prevents the small pieces of soap slipping through your hands and down the drain.
  • Just collect your leftover pieces of soap in the bag, pull the drawstring to close and use as a foaming sponge. You can use it for washing your hands, bathing or showering, up to you.
    Exfoliating, housekeeping, and money saving, this natural cotton, open weave sack.

    - Makes a great eco-friendly gift (just add soap)
    - 100% organic cotton
    - Machine washable
    - Fits most soaps

    Size: cca. 9 x 12 cm
    Style: bundle pocket

    Natural soaps tend to last longer if they are let to dry out between uses.
    Soak the bag in water for a few minutes before use, let the bag moisten and soften thoroughly, and hang it up after use.
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